A 70s Revival- 1970s inspired design trends



It’s a 70s revival with conversation pits, warm patterns, and funghi-shaped accents. Interior design has shifted focus to the 1970s era, blending eclectic ideas with retro designs. 

In an age where it’s minimalist everything, where a neutral palette reigns, the avant-garde kitsch of the 70s is a playful addition welcomed to 2023.

So why a return to the 70s?

The editorial director of 1stDibs, an online designer’s haven, has an idea. He believes the pandemic has something to do with it. Overnight, our homes became our constant surroundings. When speaking to Vogue, he said “People felt a need for a relaxed environment—so, nothing hard on the eyes, and a place that has an immediate comfortable feel,”. 

The 70s, an age of earth tones and oddly shaped furniture is a look resonating with modern audiences. Let’s take a look at the top 70s trends we’ll continue to see in 2023.


70s Colors and Patterns

In a recent project Robert McKinely, a top interior designer, painted the kitchen floor in an unusual avocado green. It sounds strange, but in a sea of white kitchens, it’s refreshing. 


In the same project, the McKinley Bungalow Edison, there’s 70s-inspired tones of earthy colors. Think, browns, different shades of wood, and of course, iconic 70s mustard yellow. 


Here are a few pictures inspired by retro 70s colors. Be sure to stick with warm tones and geometrical patterns.


Funghi Decor

Funghi-shaped decor may seem like an unusual choice, but when executed right, it brings a softness to a room as well as a whimsical design.


Conversation Pits and Sunken Lounges 

Could anything feel more 70s than a conversational pit? Conversation pits were essential in larger households in the 70s. And honestly, why not? Combine conversation with comfort in a sunken lounge.


The 70s had a few interior design trends that could come across as tacky, so be sure to be restrained and choose one or two 70s accents, balanced with more current trends. 


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The article was written by Christine Fay Smith

“Christine is a freelance lifestyle writer. She focuses on interior and hospitality design. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Christine has embraced her knowledge of the visual world. She mixes this with passion for culture and the exploration of visual experiences.”

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