Wellness Design Trends

In the stressful past year, the idea of wellness has been brought front and center. The Health and Wellness industry is bombing more than ever. Adjacent to that is the wellness design industry.

What is wellness design? It’s the focus of lighting, materials, air quality, and sound. Wellness design can help support a healthy lifestyle and improve the mood and well-being of people. Let’s look at some of the most popular Wellness Design trends.


Work Smarter, not Harder

With the 4-day work week becoming more common and many working individuals choosing to work remotely, the idea of working smarter, not harder, is prevalent. For the hospitality industry, this can mean more frequent holidays and remote workers able to visit while working. 



Including a well-designed co-working space or providing a working space in guest rooms is a wellness design trend here to stay.

Wellness Spa Facilities

A wellness spa must be an oasis of relaxation. Focusing on neutral and natural colors and raw materials is all important in creating a calm space. A focus on organic and plant-based beauty products is a must in every wellness spa.



A common trait of any hospitality or design trend is the focus on plants and greenery. In the wellness design industry, it’s a staple. 

Plants act as a natural air purifier all while bringing nature indoors. 



Lighting has really stepped up its game in recent technology. We understand that inauthentic lighting can have a negative impact on health. In wellness design, the use of skylights and sunrooms are being installed when possible. Increasing window sizes, using window treatments, and adding mirrors are all techniques that can be used.


Noise Reduction


As spaces become more open-planned with the idea of a shared space, an increase in noise can happen. A wellness design trend focuses on decreasing noise levels. 

Focusing on sound-absorbing wall coverings, softer-sounding appliances, as well as softer flooring materials, are all aspects that can help reduce noise. 

Fitness is Front and Center

The fitness industry has continued to gain mass popularity as people have had to work out at home, or simply out of boredom. 

Having a fitness facility is a must that no longer comes with a hefty price tag. We are all used to making the most of a yoga mat, maybe a dumbbell or two. Having an open and calm space with a few fitness essentials is a trend that’s increasing as we travel again.



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