Weddings in Remote locations


Many of the resorts we supply offer wedding packages. If not, the staff are always happy to help plan a wedding for a couple. Who wouldn’t enjoy being a part of someone else’s dreams!

However, whether your resort offers a beach or safari wedding theme, there are a few pointers you as the resort planner can keep in mind . This ensures that the experience is a relaxed and joyous occasion for all.

Planning Ahead

  • Obviously, first prize is for the engaged couple to contact you well in advance.This ensures that they can notify the resort of any special requests. Remember that guests sometimes do not understand the supply difficulty that remote locations present. By planning you can contact a company like who will  help supply unusual items . Making certain that they reach your resort on time.
  • Give thought to items like flowers, table decorations etc that easily available in your area. These can create that individual feel which will keep your couple happy.Allowing their wedding to reflect the country/place they are getting married in. i.e. Instead of Roses suggest simple daisies, colorful bougainvillea or other wildflowers and grasses.
  • Try to get your chef to draw up an enticing menu that draws on local ingredients. If possible, have a sample menu you can provide to the couple. They can get an idea of the food on offer.
  • Most couples getting married in a remote location, are usually the people open to using and reflecting the natural beauty of the place they have chosen for this important day of their lives.

Tips for Beach Weddings-potentially windy!

As so many couples want to enjoy the romance of a picturesque beach wedding here are a few special tips for the resort wedding planner.

Wedding Attire :

If they ask you to suggest wedding attire remember short dresses made of a light fabric will blow in the wind. The bride or bridesmaids may spend the whole ceremony having to hold their dress down whilst holding onto their bouquets. Likewise, loose and flowing hairstyles do not work on a windy area. Try to keep a few hairpins available for brides and bridesmaids to fix their hair. Particularly before those all-important pictures. Also, remind the bride that there is always the possibility of wind blowing a veil into her face. Not only will this diminish photo opportunities but can become annoying! Ask your bride to consider a short veil that can be pinned. Even a pretty headband made from local flowers.It is these little tips that couples appreciate.


Place a table in the sand for the ceremony. Use one that has a draw into which you can place weights in and bury the table legs well into the sand.

Candles in the Wind:

Many couples want a romantic element of candles at their wedding. Even a candle set in pillar vase may blowout with the slightest puff. Keep on hand a supply of battery-operated candles. There are many types available on the market The rechargeable ones are excellent. Resorts can use these for any function inside or outside the resort.

Also, consider the use of lanterns. If it is not too windy a row of these with rechargeable light candles in them will bring an element of romance to any wedding.

  • DJ

    Discuss in advance with the DJ that it may be windy and that wind screens should be available for any microphones. Also, in many remote locations regular power is not available. The DJ should have on standby battery -operated speakers (at least 400 watts of power).This will allow for clear vows and speeches.

    Plan B !

    Discuss with the bridal couple beforehand that Plan B is in place if on an actual day the wind is too strong.

    Box of Tricks

    Keep a box or bag containing a few emergencies “wind items”. Suggested items include double-sided tape, tacks, pins clamps tablecloth clips, adhesive tape, zip ties and safety pins. One of these little items quickly to hand may just save the day!

Tips for weddings in hot climates

  • Consider instead of handing out the champagne when guests arrive have a jug of fruit infused iced water at the entrance. They have proven that fruit such as watermelon and mango to help reduce body temperature!
  • Use metal or wooden chairs at the ceremony but remember to provide fabric cushions to make sure guests don’t burn their legs.
  • Advise your bridal party to use powder based makeup which will avoid them having to reapply their makeup.
  • Have a selection of parasols available for guests if they are standing in the open sun for long.
  • A nice touch is to provide a kit for the bridal party containing face blotters, sunscreen, travel size deodorant and wet wipes.
  • Consider providing D.I.Y mini water misters. Create from small spray bottles.

Your knowledge of the local area will be very helpful to bridal couples who will rely on you to plan and execute that perfect wedding !