Advantages walk in Fridge Freezer




We can sum up the advantages of having a walk-in cooler at your resort with three points. Convenience, Operating Costs and Flexibility.

A walk-in cooler is exactly what it sounds like. It is a place to store refrigerated food products whether they are before or after preparation. They are much larger than a standard cooler which means they are very suitable for storing large amounts of foodstuffs.

Attempting to adapt domestic and even commercial refrigeration units, results in poor performance and efficiency shortfalls. Purchasing a walk-in cooler is a large investment and it is important that when planning,  should be taken to consider the points below.

Size of Cooler

The size of the cooler must be equivalent to the number of meals you intend to serve daily.

Additional factors that should be considered is how remote your location is and how often you are supplied with perishables. A “rule of thumb” is that there should be approximately 0.05 cubic meters of storage for each meal.

Energy Saving.

It is NOT true that a walk in cooler costs a lot to power. It is initially a major expense but often the combined power costs of several individual refrigerators / freezers are higher. An industrial grade walk in cooler works effectively and more efficiently than a standard consumer cooler.

In addition, it can further reduce operating costs.

Installing quality insulation

Installing walk in curtains

Regular maintenance i.e. checking gaskets and door sweeps for wear and tear and replacing where necessary.


Most walk-in coolers need about the same maintenance as a standard air conditioning unit.

It is important to inspect the cooler ventilation and airflow at least once a year.

A trained technician should clean and check condensers are functioning at optimum conditions.

Frequently clean interior walls.

It is advisable to negotiate a regular maintenance program and visit by your installers.



Ease of Installation

Install these cooler/freezer units directly on top of a solid concrete floor so there is no need for specialized floor preparation.


Industrial Strength of Walk- in Coolers.

Walk- in coolers are built from industrial strength extruded styrene and foamed in place polyurethane insulation. This helps resist heat transfer and maintain the temperature as required.

Galvanized iron is normally used in manufacturing exterior walls. Walls can vary from3.5 to 4 inches in thickness.

Professionally installed walk in storage includes heavy grade hinges, inside door releases and often deadbolt door locks that control access.


Island Supply staff have installed walk in fridges in many hot climates …to mention some i.e. Ruaha National Park in Tanzania and at Victoria Falls/Livingstone in Zambia.


Some of the advantages of using Island Supply Company are:
  • Advice is freely available to draw up plans for the walk-in freezers and chillers.
  • Experience in arranging the purchase of insulated walls, floors, doors and refrigeration/freezer units. Through their experience they can source high quality finished items that withstand transportation to remote areas.
  • Island Supply expertise through their in-house logistics department arrange freight (Road or Sea) direct to remote locations. This keeps costs down and ensures that hands on direct approach, will allow for promp t delivery of parts and safely through cross- border contacts.
  • The owner is ALWAYS on site to assist in construction along with selected refrigeration technicians.
  • Island Supply also offer on request a maintenance program after installation.

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