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We are international hospitality suppliers based in South Africa.

We specialize in servicing lodges, resorts and safari operations in Africa remote and the Indian Ocean islands.

We have been in operation for 17 years and have considerable experience in procurement, logistics, installation and site development.

Most of our projects are done on a “delivered basis”, so we take control of the full logistics chain, including international customs clearing, delivery and installation  on site!

So if your looking for help with a new development, or you want to install a freezer room in the middle of nowhere, or if you just want to replace a blender, you’re at the right place!

Our  site is currently being expanded and upgraded, but we’re open for business, so please feel free to glance though our extensive range of products. If there is anything of interest, please do not hesitate to contact us for more detail and pricing, as well as shipping options for your area.

We only list a narrow selection of out total inventory, so if its not on the site, just email us with your needs, and we’ll let you have options!




Another busy year with a number of walk-in fridges and freezers installed on site in remote locations across Africa!

We pre-structure our rooms off site, before shipping, so that the noise on site is kept to an absolute minimum and construction time on site dramatically reduced. This helps to minimise any discomfort to guests!

Our installation team are experienced at working in remote locations, often under trying conditions and we are used to working through on-site problems that always present themselves!

Most importantly, we are always available to give advise and backup support, once the job is completed!

If you would like to have more detail, or would like a quotation, please feel free to contact us.

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