Natural and Eco-friendly Spa Products


In hotel spas, there’s a focus on natural, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly products. Hotel spas are looking for products that pass eco-friendly guidelines while still providing guests with luxury spa products.

Using eco-friendly products is not only beneficial for the environment and guests, but it’s also beneficial for many aspects of your hotel. Green travel has become an increasingly important reason why guests are choosing to travel to their next holiday destination. 

Established websites, like Trip Advisor,, etc., have a rating as to how ‘green’ the hotel is. This has shown to sway guests as to where they’ll visit next. 

That’s why we’ve researched and made a list of eco-friendly products to add to use in spa treatments. Take a look at these products to use next. 


Hydrating/ Energizer Peels 

Peels gently exfoliate the skin while helping to increase moisture all at once. 

Pomegranate peel 


Anti-aging/ Restorative Creams

Common ingredients included in anti-aging creams are retinoids, vitamin C, peptides, and grape seed extract. Although a lot of anti-aging creams on the market haven’t always been natural, nowadays there are plenty of natural options with just as good effects. 

Anti-aging glow cream



Exfoliation removes dead skin thus removing dry or dull skin. It’s also said to help increase blood circulation, brightening your skin’s appearance. 

Microdermabrasion exfoliating soap bar




Serums, such as a Vitamin C serum, help to manage specific skin concerns like wrinkles, acne, and skin dullness, depending on what your serum focuses on. It’s also great for long-lasting hydration. 

Aloe ferox serum 

Vitamin skin boosts serum 



Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for therapeutic benefits. It’s a practice that’s been around for centuries. It works by impacting the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain. It helps relieve pain, improve mood, and promote relaxation.

Using essential oils with scents like lavender, bergamot, and eucalyptus all help to create a relaxing environment.  

Orange essential oil


Eucalyptus essential oil 


Nail Salon 

Nail polishes come with harmful toxins to make the nail polish last longer. Fortunately, there are some eco-friendly options with a variety of colors. 

Free from harsh chemicals nail polish- pink

Free from harsh chemicals nail polish- kids 

Nail and oil cuticle oil treatment


The article was written by Christine Fay Smith

“Christine is a freelance lifestyle writer. She focuses on interior and hospitality design. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Christine has embraced her knowledge of the visual world. She mixes this with passion for culture and the exploration of visual experiences.”

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