Stay Cool this Summer – Decor Pictures for Inspiration


A luxurious-looking poolside is something many of us daydream about while in the office,
scratch that, on a Zoom call. But the ultimate poolside look can be quite easily accomplished.
Adding linens, umbrellas and a pillow or two are among some of our suggestions. Let’s take a
look at some pictures for inspiration!

Swing Swing!

The age of the swinging chair has resurrected from the 70s and it’s back with a vengeance. All
types of swinging chairs are trending in interior design, both in and outdoors. Is there anything
more relaxing than swaying back and forth in a summer breeze?


Some top swinging accessories include hammocks and swing chairs from macrame fabric.
Macrame is a comfortable fabric, as well as environmentally friendly. It brings a relaxed
bohemian vibe to your outdoor setting. Just be careful to be able to detach your swinging chair
as rain does affect the material.
See below examples of swinging chairs, such as hammocks, pods, and even day beds.

Swinging chairs



Tie up between two poles or some shady trees.
Safari tip: Bring a hammock or two for guests to use while they stop for lunch or a glass of wine
on their safari tour.

Pod chairs

These are useful as they can be moved easily and do not need to be bolted to a ceiling.


Outdoor furniture


The cost of outdoor furniture can feel daunting but splashing out on it is definitely worth it.
Comfortable outdoor furniture is central to creating a cool breezy summer space to relax and


When investing in outdoor furniture, particularly poolside, the importance of quality is important.
This furniture will go through the most activity and weather wear-and-tear. Using materials such
as wood or high-quality rattan for sunloungers is a smart idea. These materials are durable and
will stand the test of summer poolside fun.
Invest in an outdoor day bed, or one or two poolside loungers for a place to sit back with a
Here are some wooden and rattan poolside furniture ideas!




Lounge sets

*Dog optional, but advised.!!

Sheer Curtains

A DIY-style cabana can be easily achieved with a light fabric curtain. If you have a wall corner
on your patio where curtains can be draped or better yet a day bed, adding a sheer curtain
brings an air of exclusivity and luxury.
Check out some of these sheer curtain setups.



Most importantly is keeping cool. Sure the pool or sea is fantastic but we can add some items to
keep cool while staying dry.

Both functional and aesthetically pleasing, umbrellas are good outdoor accessories.
If you are looking for a more permanent shade coverage why not opt for bamboo?
Environmentally friendly, and inexpensive, bamboo brings a natural aesthetic all while providing


Summer is all about color and vibrancy, why not take the opportunity to add some fun colors and
patterns to your outdoor space.
If you aren’t keen to commit to a bright color all year round, why not pick up some colored or
patterned pillow covers or table runners. These are inexpensive and can be substituted,
matched to different seasonal colors.
A trending travel destination is Dahab, Egypt. Let’s look at some color decor inspiration from

The article was written by Christine Fay Smith

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