Lighting Tips and Trends



Lighting is a key style component to a successful design arrangement. The atmosphere of a room can be manipulated by the correct style and shapes of your lights. Choosing an industrial fixture or opting for a vintage light shade can create some design light-bulb moments.


There are many vibrant lighting trends happening in the design industry.  Take a look at some of these main lighting trends. We’ve added a few tips to maximize the best lighting in rooms. Whether you are looking for a modern style or cozy feel, there are the right lights for you!


Focal Point

Make your lighting a focal point in the room with a top trend of sculptural lights. Lights don’t have to be only a source of light, they can be a statement piece or a piece of art. Being a little more experimental with lighting can have huge payoffs and bring personality into space. 


If an unusual shape may be too bold for the room, try it in a soft gold finish to bring an elegant warmth to a contemporary piece. Try a neotenic-designed lamp in a soft gold matte in the corner of a reading nook. 


Eco Mix

Bringing nature into your interior space has shown to improve health and general well-being. By adding some natural materials like rattan, wicker, or wood, it can resonate a natural feel all while fitting in with your specific style.


A top trend that is still popular is oversized rattan lights. Try an organic pendant shape. The wonderful thing about using rattan or wicker is that it can be woven in many interesting ways.  You can bring a relaxed beach feel or with an interesting weave, your lighting can be more contemporary. 


Industrial Style

Industrial styles have always focused on metals, rustic finishes, and neutral-metallic colors. Industrial style is a top trend making a comeback but in more refined forms, we call it ‘upgraded industrial’. Sleeker more minimal fixtures can be seen for overhead lighting. 

Pair a black metal fixture with an oversized Art-Deco bulb.


“All the beauty of light is made up of light and shadow.” Leo Tolstoy

Yes, Tolstoy’s influence goes beyond Russian literature. We’re reminded that shadows can be as important as light in interior design. Choosing the correct lights and lamps is also choosing what will be in the shadow. Shadow designs can be an art form in itself. Shadows can bring softness and intimacy to a room. Beautiful patterns and designs can be reflected on walls all adding to the ambiance of a room at night. 


Technology meets Environment 

Smart Technology

Control lighting through remote-controlled functions, like phone apps or smart technology. Lighting systems have become so advanced that you can control lighting through Siri, Alexa, or google voice activation. Installing smart lighting technology gives a room a more sleek feel than just flipping a switch. Welcome to the future with just the sound of your voice.


And remember, LED lights are becoming cheaper. Invest in environmentally friendly lighting to save your bucks as well as electricity!

The article was written by Christine Fay Smith

“Christine is a freelance lifestyle writer. She focuses on interior and hospitality design. Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Christine has embraced her knowledge of the visual world. She mixes this with passion for culture and the exploration of visual experiences.”She enjoys keeping up with the latest culinary trends