Stanley Classic Flask

Here at Island Supply, we are often asked to recommend a great Vacuum flask for safari camps. Without hesitation, we always recommend the Stanley Classic Series.

The Stanley group (PMI) bought out Stanley in 2002. They moved manufacturing facilities to China. However, unlike some other products, PMI has very strict manufacturing guidelines and the quality of the Stanley brand is still excellent.

There are a few sizes in the Classic range. Below are the sizes that the flasks are available in.

0,47 litre:0,75 litre,1 litre and 1,9 litre.

These are available in the Classic green with a few models also now produced in Dark Navy.

Independent reviews have confirmed the benefits of the Stanley Flask.

Maintaining water hot temperature for up to 24 hrs.

Maintains cold water temperature for up to 24 hours

If iced products in the flasks will maintain the ice for up to five days.

The stopper screws in tight and there is no leakage.


The stoppers and rubber seals are replaceable. In fact, most dealers offer this at no charge from Stanley.

The cup is very useful and screws on tight so it’s difficult to lose.

The body of the flask is tough and made of stainless steel, well sealed and will not rust.

Completely BPA free.

It is great value for money. Island Supply offers these flasks at very economical pricing. Click on the link below for an updated price.

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