Rattan and Wicker Trends 2020

Rattan and Wicker Trends are gaining in popularity. They have become a central point of interior design in 2020. Rattan and wicker are increasingly popular in storage, lighting, decor, and furniture. With the natural raw feel and warm elements it brings to space, it’s a no wonder the rattan wicker style has made its comeback.


Rattan and wicker are wonderful materials for lighting allowing for a variety of shapes and designs. The beautiful woven technique that is used to create a rattan and wicker can make for stunning lighting design. By using a thicker material such as wicker and having more spaced pattern lighting can bring an element of modernism to the room used a lot with pendant lights. Whereas thinner and more tightly bound designs create a cozier atmosphere particularly used in floor or table lampshades.

Outdoor Areas

Rattan is a natural material that allows it to be more durable outside making it an excellent material for outdoor furniture and décor in many climates. Classic furnishing such as outdoor sofa and coffee table sets are a dateless way to create an outdoor atmosphere while still being cost-effective with the flexible material.

In 2020 rattan and wicker have been seen plenty in outside furniture, a way of bringing a retro feel to contemporary shapes and designs such as the hanging chair. The strong and versatile material is perfect for including a modern statement piece while still having a relaxing space to spend some downtime.

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Utilize Rattan for Storage

Using Rattan as a material for storage allows for lots of different shapes and sizes. Use Rattan baskets in bathrooms to store towels or as laundry baskets. In addition, utilize Rattan material as a storage option in bedrooms. Place Rattan boxes on shelves to create easy and versatile ways of storing clothing and linen.


Wall Art

The versatility of color and shapes allows for rattan to be great décor wall pieces. A trend in rattan and wicker wall art allows for interesting designs and patterns. This maintains a natural and organic feel to the walls and surroundings.

a selection of Rattan and and Wicker Trends for 2020

Rattan and wicker materials bring aesthetically pleasing earthy warm tones to any space. They are still a great way to balance modern design with the comforts and warmth of a home.

Author : Christine Fay Smith