Going Green- Make Your Space Green Travel Friendly


‘Going green’ can significantly boost brand awareness. Green travel is how hotels are gaining
various awards and recognitions. For example, Trip Advisor recently conducted a study where they found that 34% percent of travelers would be willing to pay more to stay at an environmentally-friendly hotel (MediaRoom – Media Center).

Not only is being eco-friendly good for brand awareness but also on a day-to-day basis it can reduce operating costs.

So how can one make their hotel greener?

Here are just a few ways to go eco-friendly in the kitchen/ restaurant and bedrooms!

Going Green -In the restaurant

In the restaurant, take away packaging can produce a lot of unnecessary plastic waste. With the
help of bamboo, there are a few changes that can be made to make take-aways more eco
friendly. Here are four examples of take away packaging that meet the eco-friendly/ organic/
biodegradable criteria.

1. Palm leaf plates

2.Bamboo cutlery

3.Eco Friendly Bamboo Napkins (biodegradable)



The straw revolution is here! With so many organic and eco-friendly options available, there is
no need to continue using a plastic straw. Although paper straws have been around for a while,
there are so many better options available. We can sip our drinks without pieces of paper
disintegrating into our cocktails. Here are just a few of the different types of straws available on
the market.

Natural Wheat Drinking Straws

Plant-Based Compostable Straws

Reusable Metal Drinking Straws

Organic Bamboo Straws

Clear Glass Bent Straw

Slender Silicone Drinking Straws


Going green -In the bedroom

In the guest’s bedrooms, creating a relaxing and luxurious experience is of the utmost
importance. Nowadays there are ways to go green in guest bedrooms while still maintaining comfortable luxury space. Here are a few ways to go green in bedrooms.

1. Eco- friendly air conditioner

If you have air con’s in guest bedrooms, be sure to have aircon with an energy-saver mode or a
fan speed setting.

2. Eco- friendly toilet paper

Unbleached and 100% recyclable toilet papers are another small change that can be made to
help you go green.

3. Eco- friendly toiletries

Providing eco-friendly toiletries is an easy way to show guests you are green travel friendly.
Bamboo toothbrushes, organic shampoos, and wooden hairbrushes are a few ways to help
reduce plastic waste.

Green travel has gained popularity and becomes a customer preference. Going ‘green’ in
hospitality has many benefits for hotels. So why not make your space green travel-friendly. Click on this link to see the products that Island Supply are offering https://www.islandsupply.co.za/?page_id=3456

The article was written by Christine Fay Smith

“Christine is a freelance lifestyle writer who focuses on interior and hospitality design. Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Christine has embraced her knowledge of the visual world with her passion for culture and the exploration of visual experiences.”