A Positive Guest Room Experience


Everyone should want their visitors to have a Positive Guest Room Experience. The results of many hospitality surveys have shown that hotel guests’ satisfaction is very influenced by the impression that their guestroom leaves. It is normally the visual aspects of a room that leave the most memorable impression. This is followed by the smell of a room and then the surface treatments such as fabric linen and furnishings.

There is more to a guest room than a comfortable bed!

Below are 6 of the most important items which can influence whether your guests return in the future.

Soft plush pillows and comfortable crisp breathable bed linens.

  • A guest that has experienced a good night’s sleep will be settled and happy and look upon their surroundings more favorably.
  • Guests want soft breathable quality linen in white or pastel shades. Any comforters should be of down and the pillows plump with quality linen pillow slips. It has been proved that high thread count sheets with down-filled duvets are extremely comforting. If the color scheme is natural, using natural fibers, the luxury will be clearly visible to guests who are initially exploring your hotel online.
  • Follow this link to a recent article on Natural Rattan and Wicker trends.
  • https://www.islandsupply.co.za/?p=3209
  • Island Supply Company can source and supply a large range of quality linens and fabrics. In many cases, these are manufactured in South Africa allowing extensive duty savings when importing into neighboring countries accompanied by the relevant SADC certificate.

Quality Linen helps ensure a Positive Guest Room Experience


Soft over-sized Bath Towels

  • Guests are looking for generous super soft towels that will cover them completely. Large soft towels feel luxurious. Ensure that your guests have a set of multiple sized towels. It is important to ensure that expensive high-quality towels keep their softness and absorbency after they have been to the hotel laundry. Use a little less detergent when washing them and avoid fabric softener. An experienced housekeeper will ensure that quality towels stay that way after numerous washes.
  • Don’t forget that bathmats should also be of high quality to complement the towels.


Toiletries. Full-sized ph. balanced.

  • It is very annoying trying to squeeze and shake a tiny bottle just to get a little soap or shampoo when your guests need it. Bathrooms should be provided with a full-sized bottle of Soap, Shampoo, and Conditioner. Attention should be paid to the quality of the products.
  • An eco-green product has become very important and many hotel guests have become increasingly aware that they should be more eco friendly. In addition a ph. the balanced product will leave your guest with smooth healthy skin and hair.
  • Biodegradable packaging has also become very important. Contact us at Island Supply for a list of eco-friendly quality bathroom amenities with biodegradable packaging.



Complimentary refreshments

  • Hotel guests want a selection of coffee tea and water easily available in their rooms. All of this should be provided with quality drinkware.
  • Particularly in remote locations where guests may be unsure of the local water quality, it is important to offer bottled water in the rooms. Whilst many upmarket resorts offer a butler service, often guests just want to be able to put on a kettle and make themselves a cuppa! It is important to provide a tray with a reliable kettle, good quality coffee and tea, and even perhaps a small biscuit to enjoy as well.
  • Island Supply Company supplies hospitality kettles along with tea/coffee/hot chocolate sachets and a wonderful supply of Africa themed individually wrapped hospitality biscuits. Just click on the link below.



A little something special that contributes to a Positive Guest Room Experience.

  • By adding just an extra touch in your guests’ room you will make them feel special. This can range from a welcoming cocktail to even fresh flowers in a room. Island Supply can suggest a few additional items in the bedrooms. Examples are  Eco-friendly mosquito repellent, sunscreen, a few book guides to the area, and even a sample of local fresh fruit will also make your guests feel that you really care.
  • Island Supply Company can provide small paperback books covering a variety of nature topics specific to South Africa and Eastern Africa and very affordable prices.



  • Look into placing some local artwork in the guest’s rooms. Even better if this is for sale by a local artist. Art incorporated into a hotel room gives guests a cultural experience and may also generate an income for local people.



High-quality Internet/WI FI

  • Today’s upmarket guests expect free high-quality Wi-Fi to be available . … even in remote locations. Today’s technology allows the satellite internet.
  • An increasing number of guests will not even look at visiting a hotel that does not offer wi-fi. In fact, many people combine business and pleasure during a trip and require this as essential.
  • This has become so important to travelers that it is in fact the number one priority when choosing a place to explore and stay.


Care with implementing the above points will result in a Positive Guest Room Experience. This helps to assure those valued guests return again and again..!