Not Just Another Hospitality Supplier!

Finding Hospitality Solutions


We’re based in Cape Town South Africa, and we’ve been operating for about 14 years, supplying Hotels, Resorts, Lodges and Restaurants, mainly in the Export Market.

We have a huge range of Hospitality goods to choose from, ranging from Fine Wines and Perishables, to Kitchen Equipment and Resort Sports Goods.We are also now agents for a local fabricated top quality Room Service Trolley . If it’s Hospitality Related, we can get it for you!!

We focus primarily on niche markets in the Indian Ocean Islands and Africa (remote), but are also increasingly dealing with local markets and hotels.

We have our own Logistics Department and pride ourselves in being able to reach Remote and difficult Markets in the Region. This is what sets us apart from other Hospitality Suppliers!

We have a friendly and Professional Team who would just love to help you with your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.