Flies can contaminate fresh foods in any kitchen . They are known to carry over a hundred different pathogens. The fly control both within your kitchen walls and well as outside potential breeding areas is very important.

Electric Fly Killers

These electric fly killers attract insects with long wavelength ultraviolet light. Once attracted the insects are electrocuted. These are mainly suitable for indoor use as if outside they may attract other insects such as Moths which rarely pose a problem.See https://www.islandsupply.co.za/?product=insect-exterminator-large-2

Advantages of Electric Fly killers:

  • Ultra-Violet Rays are not harmful to people or pets.
  • No disagreeable odors.
  • The powerful ultraviolet lights give optimum coverage. The top models will provide coverage up to 3200 sq feet.
  • The ultra violet light attracts a wide range of insects.

These Electric Fly killers work well but there can be an issue with blowout, which is when the fly explodes after zapping.It will project small particles into the air contaminating surfaces.

However, this can be avoided by installing an encapsulation electric fly killer which has “glue boards”. The flies are captured on an adhesive rolling form which hygienically disposes of contamination. A further advantage is that these units are effective at reducing energy consumption as they adapt automatically from day to night modes. The design of these units are such that it reduces visibility of caught flies.


 Photo : rentokill


Fly Boxes

These units are perfect for fly and insect control in outdoor areas i.e. refuse sights and other possible breeding areas. They are metal boxes with a coated backboard with a fast acting insecticide. This will help the volume of flies before they even head indoors!



Disposable Fly Trap

These a fly traps  supplied with bait. (non poisonous) The bait is extremely attractive to flies. Once full we simply throw away the trap. These work well. They are cost effective but not at all attractive and best placed away from houses, etc.

Other Fly/Insect control methods.

  • All doors leading to the outside should have self-closing or screen door.
  • Maintain all window and door screens. No tears or holes .
  • Caulk and cracks or gaps around the windows and doors.

It is vitally important that all steps are taken to eliminate flies which are not only a nuisance but dangerous to health .In particular maintain a high level of fly control in kitchens.