Safari Glamping


Safari Glamping means that sleeping on rocky floors has become a thing of the past. It is a new and improved way to ‘camp’. Glamping can be a wonderful and luxurious experience for guests but what makes safari glamping so comfortable? The interior and accessories of course.



Mattresses and Textiles

One of the most important comforts of glamorous camping is the bedding. By adding a good quality soft mattress, guests can have a good night’s sleep and be well-rested for the next day’s exciting Safari adventures. Include lots of soft pillows and high-quality linens which all contribute to the luxury look and feel of glamping. Safari glamping trends are also including more and more rugs and carpets too. They are able to create a home-like comfy atmosphere all while bringing interior design into the ‘tent’.





Private bathrooms are one of the top reasons ‘campers’ choose glamping for their Safari holiday. Having your own bathroom as an ensuite assures guests privacy.  A beautiful bathtub or shower is one of the most luxurious additions to a glamping tent. Guests can soak in their tubs overlooking the grasslands. They can also feel they are one with nature by showering in an open-air shower. Having an abundance of soft quality towels is an inexpensive way to bring comfort to the glamping experience.



Gone are the days of hanging a torch from the tent or vigorously winding up your camping light. Safari glamping tents nowadays are coming fully installed with electricity and many different lamps and shades. Lots of hanging lanterns and small strings create a romantic safari atmosphere. 


Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture is essential as it’s where luxury meets the great outdoors. A space to sit and take in the wildlife adds to the safari glamping experience, keeping guests ultra-comfortable of course. Reclining chairs and sturdy outdoor tables enable guests to have somewhere to eat while potentially soaking in an African sunset. Another great addition to outdoor glamping furniture is adding a high-quality swing chair or hammock. 



Lastly, storage is a great way to meet luxury with ‘camping’. One of the worst things about camping is stumbling over all your clothes while trying to crawl out of your tent. Having a place to pack away your belongings and hang up your clothes, helps maintain the creature comforts we have at homes and hotels. Wooden open shelves have quickly become a safari glamping trend in 2020. Trunks have trended in safari glamping too as they have storage while adding a rustic safari interior piece. 


Although there are many more ways to provide guests with a great safari experience, the luxury meets experience that safari glamping brings is an ideal way to combine nature and luxury.

The article was written by Christine Fay Smith

“Christine is a freelance lifestyle writer who focuses on interior and hospitality design. Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Christine has embraced her knowledge of the visual world with her passion for culture and the exploration of visual experiences.”