Romer Cooler Boxes – Advantages

helps retAt Island Supply we recommend Romer Cooler Boxes. There are so many different types on the market. However, when customers are needing cooler boxes that are tough, durable as well as excellent insulators we normally recommend the Römer range.


Tough well made and Durable -Romer Cooler Boxes

They construct Römer Cooler Boxes using roto-molding. This means that the cooler boxes are complete and do not have any add ons or inserts. This, in turn, creates good insulation. The wall thickness is uniform. They are manufactured to ensure that the corners are strong where needed.

Also, the polyurethane construction is “green” and ozone friendly. Romer design coolboxes to be LLDPE food-grade plastic.

The box and the lid of the cooler box are further insulated with foam.

Strong Handles and Hinges

Stainless steel hinges attach the box to the lid and stretch the full length of the box.

They make the handles from rope.

The rubber lid catches result in a well-fitting and airtight lid. Replacements are available.

In addition, the 45lt and 60lt boxes are lockable.

Tie-down points

There are tie-down points on the sides of the cooler boxes. The straps pull through and attach to the vehicle. The cooler box is still openable but it will prevent it from sliding around the vehicle.

Easy cleaning 

The coolbox is designed to minimize and staining or marking. They are very easy to clean.

Drainage Bung

There is an easy-to-use boat bung drainage plug making it easy to drain any leftover water.

Insulation qualities give incredible ice test results 

There is a gasket seal in the lids which helps maintain the cold Ice can hold over a week. Reviews by Getaway magazine showed they could keep ice stable for almost 179 hrs!

Neutral colors 

Most of our customers use these at Safari Lodges so the green/khaki colors work well in these environments.