Christmas Decor Trends 2021


Christmas Decor Trends for 2021 will take into account that in 2020 friends and family were apart.

We’ll be seeing an emphasis on Christmas decor to bring back the spirit of the holidays.

Nostalgia is key to feeling hopeful and happy this Christmas.

DIY decor is also prevalent this season. Focusing on making decorations, not only being eco-friendly but spending quality time with loved ones making ornaments and gifts.

Sit back, put on Michael Buble  and get into the festive spirit, with these Christmas Decor trends for 2021


Christmas Colors

Although when we think of Christmas, traditional Christmas colors come to mind, red, green, and gold. 
This festive season we are seeing earthy muted tones such as olive greens and berry tones, giving an overall sophisticated natural feel. Moody blues paired with gold tints can add warmth and depth at the same time.
A staple of Chrismas, not only is the food served important, but also the table around it.
Here’s where sustainability is huge. Think re-usable crackers and hand-made centerpieces. 
Vintage wine glasses are very popular, giving the table a touch of history. Think about your grandmother’s collection of glasses, it has a cozy feel to it, doesn’t it?

Add a personal touch to place settings to make guests feel extra special. Having initials embroidered on serviette or simply hand-writing place name card. Placing a fun photo with them or a small liquor bottle they like.


Capturing a vintage, nostalgic feel with lighting will bring the Christmas-y ambiance to your home.

Retro lights and stem stick candles are popular this season, giving homage to the traditional Christmas feel.
A fun new trend is to decorate your house plants with lights and miniature decorations. Make it Christmas all around the house!  

Cards and Wrapping Paper

DIY is also the main trend, with cards and wrapping paper. Buying paper just to be thrown away can feel frivolous. Creating your own wrapping gives a personal touch to a personal gift
Look at some of these options above to create cards or wrapping paper yourself.

We hope you have a wonderful festive season, from our ISC family to yours!